Here are the various installation methods for dr:

Supported OSes

Installing with PIP

dr can be installed on any computer with python3.7 and python3-pip installed:

# Install dr
pip3 install dr

# Run dr

Installing From AUR

For arch users, a non-waterfall version is avalible through AUR. just get the package called dr (thanks to @Electrux)

How to run

Just type dr in your terminal and you will be sent straight in to the dr prompt.

How to log in

Once in the dr prompt, use the command l. You will be asked for a username and password. Just follow the prompts.

How to make a post

First, you should be logged in (see above)

In dr, post creation is done in these steps:

Create a new rant

To create a new rant, use the command r. You will notice that the prompt changes. (The | prompt means that you are in rant mode and the > prompt means you are in command mode.) You can now type out your rant. But be careful! Once you move to the next line, you can not go back to an old line and fix a mistake. You will have to rewrite the rant (TODO: Fix this). Once you are done, move to a new line, and type . then press enter.

Add tags

To add tags to your rant, use the command t. The prompt will go back to the rant prompt and ask you for tags. Type out your tags, then press enter.

Post the rant

Make sure you have logged in before continuing with this step. To post the rant you have just created, use the p command. You will be asked for verification. Thatโ€™s it! You have posted your first rant using the dr client!

Viewing a rant

To view a rant, use the command v. To view the next rant, use the command v+. To view the previous rant, use the command v-.

To change the rant feed you are reading from, use the s command followed by the code for the feed you want.

Feed list

So. to view the top rants, use the command st and to view the algo, use sa

Check Your Notifs

To see your notifications, use the command n. They will all show up on your screen. In each notif, there is a rantCode. This will be important for later.

You can also clear your notifs with the command n!

Viewing a Rant From Itโ€™s rantCode

To view a specific rant in dr, you must know itโ€™s rantCode. These codes are displayed in your notifications feed and will soon be displayed on all rants.

A rantCode is a stripped down hexadecimal representation of the rant it refers to. It was created because the normal devRant rant ids are getting too long to remember. The current method of creating rantCodes is quite flawed and will soon be replaced.

To view a rant from its rantCode, use the command vi. You will then be prompted for a rantCode. After entering the code, the rant you wanted to see will be shown.

Commenting on a Rant

To comment on a rant, you must first view it. The comment will be posted on the most recent rant that you have looked at.

Make sure to use the vi command before replying to a notif. (See above)

Create the Comment

To comment, use the c command. The prompt will change to the rant prompt. Remember, once you move to a new line, you can not edit the previous lines without re-running the command. When you are done typing your comment, move to a new line and type .

Posting Your Comment

To post the comment you just wrote, use the pc (post comment) command. You will then be asked to confirm.


Voting has been made as easy as possible. To upvote, use the + command and to downvote, use the - command.

View Comments

To view all comments on the current rant, use the vc command.

If you have just loaded a new rant, this command might tell you to wait. This is because a large amount of data parseing must happen in order to display the comment list. After waiting a few seconds, run the command again.

Known Bugs